What is water polo?

Water polo combines the speed of competitive swimming, the strategy of soccer and the ball-handling skills of volleyball all wrapped up into one sport. This challenging game uses a ball similar to a volleyball and is played entirely without touching the bottom of the pool. Teamwork, ball handling and strategy are crucial. Teams of five players plus a goalie, score on one another into a large net, similar to a soccer goal. Younger players play across the width of a 25m pool which shortens the distance between goals. Older players use the entire 25 m pool.

What are the rules?

Click here to learn the basic rules of water polo.

Why should I try water polo?

Water polo builds cardio-vascular endurance and improves swimming skills. It offers a full body workout similar to cross-country skiing or competitive swimming. It promotes teamwork and strategic thinking. Water polo is a relatively small sport in Canada which means there are LOTS of opportunities for players to progress to higher levels.

Canada’s Men’s and Women’s National teams are ranked in the top five internationally.

Is it dangerous?

While top-level water polo players can get very aggressive, this does not happen at the beginner or intermediate levels. There are many rules governing physical contact and these are strictly enforced. Players learn to respect each other in the water and carry this through to their games. A cap is worn with protective ear coverings for all games.

What is the training like?

Typical training sessions last 1 –1 ½ hours and include endurance swimming, ball handling techniques, teamwork drills and scrimmages. Swimming skills improve dramatically within the first months of trying water polo.

Who can join the Seawolves?

The Seawolves Club is open to all children and youth ages 6 and up.

What if I’m not a very good swimmer?

The Seawolves welcome everyone regardless of swimming ability. Water polo also requires strength and endurance, not just fast swimming. We’ll teach you everything you need to excel in the sport while encouraging you in a supportive team environment. Try it and you’ll see your swimming improve dramatically.

Who do the Seawolves play against?

We play against several other local teams located in Calgary, Okotoks and Strathmore. During tournaments, teams from Edmonton and occasionally Saskatchewan and BC join us.

How much does it cost?

Fees vary for different age groups. Parents DO NOT have to work bingos as part of our club. There are several other volunteer opportunities available. Every 18 months we have a casino at which parents are required to work at least one shift.

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